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When trying to determine an accurate market price for a piece of property in Sosua (and this could be an apartment, house or land), it is obviously best to consult more than one source. Our platform is open: anyone can sign up and list their properties! We are an OPEN and FREE platform, we only will make money from future advertising. Go with the agents that offer the best value for the money! Prices are a start. The next steps in viewing the property etc. are up to you.

It is free to directly contact any and all of the Sosua real estate agents on this website, you pay nothing! If, in the process of renting or buying an apartment or home, the company representative does not speak English with you, or otherwise seems shifty: let us know!

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Many of the agents are native English speakers, or are at least fluent. Additionally, many speak German, Italian or French as well. If you are a property owner in Sosua, Dominican Republic, you're naturally keen to find renters for your home or apartment. When potential tenants search for an apartment or home to rent, they want a large selection of properties and companies to choose from. Merely visiting one company or agent's website doesn't do the trick for most renters or purchasers of real-estate. This applies equally to all countries. When shopping, do you trust the prices proferred by just one (1) seller? Neither do we. We ask our real estate agents to list their properties at good faith rates, ones which are reasonably close to the final rent or sale price.
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Whether you want to rent an apartment (or let a flat) we've got just the real-estate agent (estate agent) for you! Given the fact that so many tourists come to Sosua, Dominican Republic for both long-term and short term stays, many of the agents will lease an apartment to you with a flexible contract. How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Sosua for a month? It can be cheap. The best way to find the monthly rental price for a home, apartment, condominium or villa is to compare prices among various agents. Many of the homes for rent come with a swimming pool and are located in safe, residential areas.

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Most of the real estate agents on this site sell not only homes and villas, but apartments and condominiums as well. Additionally, there are those who plan to build their own home in Sosua. For that, one obviously starts with a plot of land, or parcel. The agents on this site often have various plots of land for sale at reasonable prices. Land is still cheap in Sosua, Dominican Republic. Many of the homes for sale have gates, and the residential communities have 24 hour security which patrol the properties to keep the home owners safe. Further, many of the homes and condominiums for sale come with a swimming pool. We give you the most convenient way to gauge prices of real-estate for sale in Sosua.